Return to School Update 4.9.21

Return to School Update 4.9.21
Posted on 04/09/2021

School Update (04-09-2021)

On Monday, April 12th, we will start Phase II reopening for students with the last names A-L, ASB students, and Phase I students. 

All in-person students need to know that coming to school is optional. I say this because students are expected to follow all public health guidelines. This means keeping 6 feet apart, wearing masks, flowing all foot traffic patterns, etc. All should know that if a student can’t follow these guidelines, parents will be notified to come pick up their student and their student will be asked to resume their learning from home. 

Yesterday, we had some student athletes in line outside the auditorium to take their Thursday COVID test. We found out after the fact that some students were not social distancing and one student kept taking off and putting back on their mask while waiting in line. 

I need to share we will not be in all places at all times. We will enforce the rules when we see and think there is an issue. At the same time, each student needs to assume their own responsibility in keeping themselves and others safe.  

As an example, during Phase I learning we had a student report they came down with COVID.  As such, we were required to notify students who may have been in the same class or was at school the same day the student was on campus. Our notification home caused many to email me wanting to know if their student was exposed because family members at home have health concerns at home and they needed to know. I will share what I shared with these families at the time to address any potential questions that could come up as a result of a student testing positive.  

We cannot disclose the name of the student who tested positive. If the student tests positive, they have to remain home for two weeks. Parents still wanted to know if their student was exposed. The bottom line is that students walk by each other, share classroom space, etc. The question about whether their student was exposed is more of a question a parent would have with their student.  In other words, Sam, were you hanging out with other students on campus that was closer than six feet? Was this visit longer than 15 minutes? Did any of the students not have their masks on or were you not wearing yours?  If the answer is no, the health experts say there should not be an issue.  If the answer is yes, then your student has violated health protocols and their actions have placed them and their family members at risk. So again, each student has to take responsibility to protect themselves and their family members at home. 

As it turned out in Phase I incident, no other student developed COVID as students on campus had remained masked up and apart six feet or more in classrooms, in hallways, and on campus.  

This is what reassures me that all can be safe at school as long as everyone does what they are supposed to do. Again, in-person school is optional. Students can stay home and learn from home if it’s what is best for the family and the school.    

For those coming to school next week, a few things to make sure to do:

  1. Look up in PowerSchool the names of your teachers for your periods 4, 5 and 6 classes.
  2. Look up and write down the room numbers for your period 4, 5 and 6 classes. 

Students at check-in will be given a map of the school.  The map has room numbers on it.  

As shared in prior emails, we have had to change a few schedules to balance classes for when we have A-Z in-person students returning on April 19th.  The following students (ID numbers shown) have had a schedule change for their period 4, 5 and 6 classes. They should look up their new schedules via PowerSchool.  Please note the name of the new teachers and their locations. 

Student ID's
























As a reminder, formal check-in of students will be from 8:15 AM to 8:45 AM.  There will be daily check-in places at the main gates of the quad area. It’s critical students be prepared to bring completed two forms: 1) The Opt-in Form and 2) The ClearPass verification or The completed Symptom Checklist Form.  

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